Summer is for Strawberry…”cheesecake”.

Took a bite (literally) and they changed my night!😍

When I tell you these were bangin’, please do BELIEVE me honey! Matter of fact, these would have been vegan if I hadn’t used honey but we all have vices right? Any-who, recipe below.👇👇👇👇




✅Measuring utensils

✅Cutting board (optional)

✅Food Processor

✅Small container


✅Muffin tin (makes six)

✅Pre-cut Wax/parchment strips 


✅✅Patience 😏


✨1 cup of raw unsalted cashews (soaked for 2 hours or overnight)

✨5-6 Medjool Dates (pitted)

✨1 1/2 cup of almonds

✨2 tablespoons of organic lime juice

✨1/2 pint of organic strawberries( sliced)

✨1/2 teaspoon of sea salt

✨1/4 cup of agave or honey

Before you get it started, place the pre cut strips inside the muffin tins. This allows the cakes to be removed with out time for working smarter and not harder.💃

Blend the almonds, dates and sea salt (omit the salt if the almonds are already salted) until you have a crust like texture. It should be a bit sticky and able to be molded in the muffin tins.

Next add the cashews, about 1/3 cup of the sliced strawberries, sweetener of choice and lime juice to the blender. Blend until you have a super creamy consistency. Place in small container and set aside.

Now you can give the blender a quick rinse and blend leftover strawberries to create the swirl effect. (*May need to add a 1/2 teaspoon of spring water to create a filling, eyeball depending on how many strawberries you have left.)

Once done with the topping, add the cashew filling on top of the crust (be sure not to over fill) then add the strawberry filling and use a toothpick or something to create swirls. Lol Finallyyyyyyy, freeze for 2-3 hours or overnight and Injoy yoself! Guess what?, I had one for breakfast. #thuglife 😎

These were really good and can be customized (I think that’s my favorite word now lol) with what ever fruit  you prefer. Adjust anything you need to. I’ve cut the bad sugar out of my life and recipes like these are truly lifesavers. Lemme know if you try them!

Be easy love.💚


Detoxing Sacred Spaces.

***Alright, before we jump in, I’m just gonna warn you, some of the pics I post (s/o to Google) will be stomach turning. Please don’t come for me, I warned you. lol***

Hey, Y’all! Here lately I’ve been on this whole detox/cleanse kick…so far so good. I’ve incorporated more whole foods into my diet, increased my spring water intake, make about 90% of my personal products and cut back on added sugars/ processed foods. You know that lil voice in your head (conscious) that you keep trying to ignore? Well, mines would not hush! I was beyond due for a transformation.
Overall I feel better, I won’t say 100% because anyone who is purging will let you know that breaking addictions doesn’t always feel A1. You just embrace the process, take it day by day and envision the health benefits.
So a few years ago I came across videos on YouTube regarding a Yoni Detox. (Yoni = ancient/ Sanskrit word for Vagina) Basically, herb-infused sachets (detox pearls) are placed in our sacred spaces for up to 72 hours to cleanse us of any imbalances we may have. Endometriosis, infertility, yeast infection, BV, and fibroids to name a few. I was a bit skeptical at first like… “Why do I need foreign objects in my cooch?”, “Doesn’t my lady part cleanse herself?”, “People stay trying to get you to spend all your coins!” lol

I never went through with it because I wasn’t about that life then. Fast forward 3 years later and here I Am fresh off of a 3-day stint. You can order offline from a reputable source or make your own. Decided on the second method solely because I had the herbs needed for the pearls right in my kitchen.

The first 24 hours, once inserted, I felt very subtle cramping and that was about it. The next couple of days were about the same, except I felt a bit of moisture and irritation spiritually which really gave me the urge to stay home and rest. This was quite interesting because I just had a conversation with a massage therapist that told me we (women) tend to hold our baggage or suppressed emotions here. Any-who, I listened to my body and took it easy.

After the recommended time, I removed the “pearls” and didn’t notice any dead skin like most had spoken of but it was a lot of discharge. I showered, used a panty liner and went about my day. Yo, I had to cleanse and change my panty liner several times that day! The discharge didn’t smell, wasn’t yellow nor itchy. I’m detoxing so it could have been yeast. (I did make a doc appt. just to be sure.)
A few days after removal, if there was any excess tissue in the yoni, it would be expelled during the next few days. It would be very beneficial to wear clean/organic panty liners just in case there is discharge. 


Here is a pic of what you may expect:

Throughout the week after you’ve removed the pearls, you may have discharge that resembles this. No need to spazz tho, apparently it’s totally normal and is just build up of excess tissue that has created blockages. You can always take the sample to a physician for testing if you wish, just know that the majority of doctors aren’t trained on holistic healing methods so please do your own research, too.
It’s only been a few days for me so I will continue to monitor my discharge. Overall, I feel okay. Would I recommend the sacred space detox? Yes! Purchase from a LEGIT source, follow the directions thoroughly, band consider practicing a clean diet or fast. I mentioned diet because the food we consume (excess sugar, soda, meat, processed foods) can create an overly toxic environment causing smells and  disorders within sacred spaces. What’s the point of doing a detox just to continue to create this environment? Our intent should be to heal, not just treat. 💚

I will keep you all posted if I notice any more changes. Xoxo🙏💚


I Am complex.

I Will challenge your psyche in order to stimulate growth.

I Stir but only when you’re ready to master me.

I Give you silence just so you can perceive me.

I Admire your patience.

I Satisfy your desire to gain knowledge & wisdom.

I Am primary yet over-stand the need for secondary; purple resides within.

I Align so we can attain completion.

Rubix Love.💚


Inner Me…Enemy.

You gon’ stop letting tradition hold you hostage or nah??? 📢 ADMIT👏 TO 👏YOUR 👏FCK 👏UPS 👏BOO 👏BOO! BE ACCOUNTABLE! (Aight, I’m done yelling) It’s so easy to place blame on “God” or “Satan” hell ( no pun intended), or anyone outside of your self when you’re not authentic. While pre-destined aspects such as fate or destiny can bring us situations that we are to maneuver through, sometimes we as people can bring problems among ourselves by free-will. Woe is me right!? I know, I know, playing the victim is comfortable but where is the growth? I’ll tell you, love, you won’t witness it until you grasp 👉 maturity. Before you start questioning “God” , start with the person you’re responsible for…YOU. Are you hanging with positive people? Harboring positive thoughts? Creating good Karma? Allow your conscious to be your guide. One Love.


The complexity of loving you has helped me to mature into a Wombman. Before incarnating, eye asked for you, eye found you yet had no recollection of the hell we would have to endure to become prolific. Eye’ve know sincere joy, psychotic rage, fulfilling sensuality, reflected hatred and true contentedness with you love. The beauty of it is, eye’m still in love with you, unconditionally. ” – Zioness

Life is dope, the smallest of seeds eye give to another are reflecting my journey of self-love. Since eye’ve let go and embraced my feminine nature (balanced)… being open without fear of judgment has made manifesting so much easier. Eye have taken the rockiest road but you don’t have to travel it as long as eye did. Sort thru your baggage, rid yourself of temporal experiences then embrace your “lightness” love. So yes, it is true, in order to be a healer…you do have to heal(her).👑💛😘

Just one of those days…

Today was a day of letting go of unhealthy thought processes, setting boundaries and truly accepting losses as gains. My intuition doesn’t lie but eye lie to myself when eye ignore it which creates a lack of trust within self, furthermore a depreciation of self…over time. The feeling of forcing myself to be open was becoming toooo unnatural, even questionable…so eye’ve detached only to learn that eye’m embracing me. Loving this journey of self-love.” -Zioness

 Security Blanket.

I slept with you

No matter how mature I thought I was

I couldn’t resist the comfort of you

Praying one day that you would notice my loyalty but fortunately, I grew

My toes started to be exposed, rolling over for you only to cover me partially

Still, I reached for you

Maybe I’ll fluff my pillows or could it be these sheets? What’s wrong with my routine? Why Am I not getting any sleep?

Lavender linen spray, detox baths, and chamomile tea before bedtime

No T.V., nightly meditations and even stretching, oh my

I’m doing what I’m told, why aren’t the remedies helping?

No matter what I incorporated, the fetal position was the only way I was supported

So I tossed & I turned, kicked you off only to learn

We’ve outgrown each other

Me? Get rid of my favorite blanket? Lol yeah right!?

But ever since I’ve let you go, my sleep is peaceful at night.


Healer, Heal Thyself.🙏✨

Are you guilty of staying in abusive relationships? (Mental, physical, emotional and the like) Have you lost yourself and everything you owned? Considered a judgmental asshole for offering help? No worries, just do me a solid: save this meme, read this meme every day for 21 days (they say it takes that many days to break a habit) Drink more water and BAM!, You’re healed!


What many don’t disclose is that it’s a thin line between genuine concern and nurturing someone to the point of no return (almost). They also omit the fact that some people don’t seek help, just attention. Thanks a lot, trial and error.
So for a few years now, I have been on and off of social media because I was experiencing depression, pouring from an empty cup, didn’t know exactly what my life’s purpose was and just a lack of joy in general. 👈(Major No-No) Well as I re-activated Facebook, I noticed similar occurrences with “Frans”(you know, people who’ve been on your list for years that may like or love a post occasionally) who were also experiencing this not so random “shift” in energy. I’m gonna get a lil celestial here: when I say “shift” I Am referring to planetary alignments (retrograde periods etc.) Divine order/timing that caused for detachment from people, places or thought patterns that no longer serve our greatest good, including a relationship with Self.

Baybayyy, couples have either been divorcing or renewing vows, making new friends or disconnecting from old ones, shedding old thinking patterns to evolve anew, you name it! Ain’t no way experiences like these can be made up. It’s as if layers upon layers of deception are being peeled back to reveal new perceptions to one’s highest truth.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your healing starts with you. Yes, we are all connected to Source energy but we also are equipped with the tools to help us maneuver (I wanted to use Macgyver so bad here 😁) this experience. Learning to use intuition, learning to say “NO, DAMMIT!” (you don’t have to yell) and living in your life’s Divine purpose are just a few of the steps I have taken help heal myself.
Since I’ve incorporated these lovelies into my experience, joy has returned! When you lack joy, you lack gratitude and when you lack gratitude, you miss out on the blessings that surround you. Never ever allow another to drain you (including your own negative a thoughts/actions) to the point where you hate life and all the beauty it entails. You were incarnated here to pursue what you are most passionate about. Embrace it as you embrace the healer in you and those that desire heal will hopefully be inspired by you.

Love You Love💚💚💚


That “0” Just Enhanced Me.

Hey Lovies!

Okay, so after last nights Pink Full Moon ritual & prayer to Divine Source, my sleep was…normal. ( Even tho the 5 year old wanted to co-sleep lol). Not sure what I was expecting but I opened my eyes around 6-ish, checked my phone, a habit that will soon be broken! Technology is like like a “catch 22” dammit !!! I use to use this time for rising meditation but the lack of discipline and all its fckn glory has gotten the best of me for a few months… But um, adios tired ass excuses!👋

So yeah, “checked” my phone for two hours, dozed off and awoke to one of the most glorious sunrises I’ve seen in awhile. You know the ones where you smile before you even open your eyes, roll over and still feel the good vibez beaming on you, like this life giver set perfectly in place just so you can witness? (Narcissim is dangerous, okay?) Yo, my blinds were angled just right this A.M.😍🌞

For my sacred practice last night, I set out intentions for healing my Being. I wrote out a list of things that needed to be released in order for me to continue to evolve. With one of the top issues I’ve dealt with being CONTROL. Right now I won’t go into much detail but when one has control issues, it normally stems from fear of the unknown or experienced circumstances that caused this mechanism to become reality.

I lit two plain white candles: White

“The color of purity and new beginnings.  Use a white candle for rituals involving healing, new beginnings, and spiritual growth.  Also appropriate for Lunar and Goddess workings.  Church candles are usually white, thus white candles are associated with prayer, remembrance, and devotion.”

And rested.

The vibez have been awesome ever since. Earlier today I even had taken a random nap ( self-care boo boo!) While napping, I had a vision as usual and I was looking for room “608”. Now I’m not big on numerology but I do know that it is a ancient math linked with Divine Source and believe messages are codes to help us move along in this life. So as always, I sat and thought about the vision, then went to Google.

Funny how the Universe works, I’m in the process of becoming a entrepreneur and was still a lil bit nervous about getting all my business endeavors accomplished but… “That “0” definitely enhanced me!” So according to Angel Numbers, zeros enhance the number(s) it is surrounded by. Known to be the beginning of a spiritual journey, infinite, potential, choice and wholeness (among other attributes).  Since it was joined by 6 ( selflessness, family, grace , gratitude, responsibility etc.) then 8 ( abundance , prosperity, serving humanity, Karma, self confidence, discernment etc.) I have nothing to fear! These numbers were a confirmation of the bright and successful future that awaits me.

Discipline, the lack of it alongside fear, will cause you to procrastinate, become depressed then here comes the self sabotaging. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO IT! I am a witness to these struggles. I officially started my brand in 2014, did okay but I desire GREATNESS!  As this journey of newness begins, gratitude is in abundance right now. (y’all don’t even know how hype I Am!) 😁😁😁
Love You Love 💚 ,