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Natural Health/Beauty Products


Hey loves, listed below are some of the Therapeutic goodies that I Am Divine LLC offers. Please feel free to inbox us via FB/or shoot an email( if you have any special requests, questions or concerns. Giving Thankssss to all of you who genuinely encourage & support our vision. Much peace love & abundance to ya xoxo ❤ ~Zioness for I Am Divine LLC

For those of you who are not familiar with I Am Divine,allow us to refresh your mental. We offer hand-made natural health & healing beauty goodies made from nature's finest goods such as 100% Raw/Unrefined Shea Butter, Essential Oils & natural oils from Sweet Almond, Jojoba & Coconut just to name a few. Our mission along with our specially formulated recipes are to help restore the divinely customized royalty within aswell as without.

Today we are getting y'all familiar with a few of our therapeutic blends and their properties which can be customized to your liking.EVERY order is freshly made for you with our special blend of Essential/ natural oils/Shea Butter Mixture.

Therapeutic Blend Prices:  Body Butters- 2oz -$3 , 4oz $5 , 8oz $10. (*larger quantities available upon request, additional fee for additional blends. $5 s+h depending on quantity of orders.Thank You.)

*****All are divine for ECZEMA, PSORIASIS, ROSACEA and dry skin in general, but we recommend Unscented for children or individuals who may have certain allergies.

Levitating Lavender™ – #1 best seller! This sweet floral scented goodness is awesome for calming anxiety, relaxation from a tiring day or just needing a sense of peace. Spiritually Lavender promotes happiness, love, peace, purification and protection. Definitely good for getting the youth to bed, baby.(can be applied to feet topically)

Lucid Lemongrass™ -This lemon-y scented blend helps to treat pain due to Lupus, Fibromyalgia, torn ligaments,sore joint/cartilage pain, improves circulation, also a insect repellent. Spiritually know for clearing electromagnetic energy(T.V.,Radio,Microwave etc) Releases thoughts of resentment and connects you with your higher conscience/ physic.

Euphoric Eucalyptus™ -Our fresh and so clean, clean scented Eucalyptus helps to heal skin wounds, burns, tattoos, a common cold reliever and spiritually clears negative energy.

Reviving Rosemary™ -This stimulant blend helps with Hair loss/hair growth and osteoporosis. The ancients also believed it spiritually promoted clarity, anti-depression, protection, purification and also cleared negative energy.

Oasis Orange™-For the citrus lover in you. A stress reliever, promotes a positive mindstate and creativity. Known for attracting love & helps with overcoming fear/obsessions.

Powerful Peppermint™ -Talk about a pick-me-up! Our Powerful P… 🙂 , helps with keeping nausea at bay, soothes joint conditions, muscle soreness, random itching, insect repellent, also can be used as a mild vapor rub. Spiritually, known for clearing negative energy.

Tantalizing Tea Tree™- Tea Tree Is a natural anti-septic that helps treat skin diseases and infections such as Shingles, Herpes, insect bites, razon bumps all the way down to athletes foot. Our blend refreshes the skin while restoring moisture to affected area(s). Spiritually known for clearing energy/blockages, cleansing/protection.

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Abused lovers.

Emotional abuse is rarely talked about as much as physical abuse but no matter what form, abuse is abuse. This epidemic is causing total damage amongst the masses because it is not addressed nor healed properly. On the picture posted below are a few signs that you may be dealing with a narccist/abuser male or female in your relationship or marriage. Every one can be helped if the proper steps are taken to help heal one’s mentality. The majority of the issues stem from some sort of childhood trauma I.e. : physical abuse/beatings, sexual assaults, verbal abuse, lack of affection/attention or too much attention, just to mention a few. If you don’t share this post, atleast share this picture posted to help raise awareness for signs of emotional abuse. I’ve been a victim and hurt people unknowingly but once I released my bondage via prayer,
meditation, writing, forgiveness and self healing, a weight was lifted from me that I can’t explain! I will tell you one thing, everything starts within the mind. Once you practice mastering/disciplining the mind, your deepest fears and desires will be conquered then made manifest. Give Thanks and stay encouraged loves! Xoxo ~Zioness


Divine goodies in!!!

Hey love’s!!! I Am Divine has been veryyy busy getting ready for upcoming showcases but we do have new scents such the refreshing Euphoric Eucalyptus™ … This therapeutic goodness is DIVINE for skin alignments such as burns, skin wounds, healing process of tattoos & did I mention the clearing negative energy!? Allow us to help heal the Divine in You. ❤

Prices: $5 for 4oz & $10 for 8oz, (s+h not included) place your order today!!!

*website under-construction

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The Divine Awakening.

She gives birth to a nation
In a matter of pushes
She bleeds without dying
Monthly renewal
She uplifts a tribe
Through song & dance
She speaks of wisdom as her mother
Discipline as her dad
She embraces change
Challenges the unknown
She is mature than most
Still possessing a childlike glow
She heals heartache with unconditional love & compassion
She carries the weight for others her hands are never slacking
She laughs and the world stops to listen
She smiles as bright as the sunshine
Granting peace to many
She weeps for her loved ones
Does good deeds for the less fortunate
She is a lover.. wife..mother..sister..friend.
She is wombman
She lives within
The divine feminine. ❤

© [Zioness] [2014] All Rights Reserved.

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