Abused lovers.

Emotional abuse is rarely talked about as much as physical abuse but no matter what form, abuse is abuse. This epidemic is causing total damage amongst the masses because it is not addressed nor healed properly. On the picture posted below are a few signs that you may be dealing with a narccist/abuser male or female in your relationship or marriage. Every one can be helped if the proper steps are taken to help heal one’s mentality. The majority of the issues stem from some sort of childhood trauma I.e. : physical abuse/beatings, sexual assaults, verbal abuse, lack of affection/attention or too much attention, just to mention a few. If you don’t share this post, atleast share this picture posted to help raise awareness for signs of emotional abuse. I’ve been a victim and hurt people unknowingly but once I released my bondage via prayer,
meditation, writing, forgiveness and self healing, a weight was lifted from me that I can’t explain! I will tell you one thing, everything starts within the mind. Once you practice mastering/disciplining the mind, your deepest fears and desires will be conquered then made manifest. Give Thanks and stay encouraged loves! Xoxo ~Zioness



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