Shoo Fly..Don’t Bother We!

Yesss my loves, the Summer Solstice is quickly approaching us and unfortunately the fruit flies, gnats and other critters are too. For our health and safety, I prefer to use chemical free repellents or  insecticides so as a Cancer-Moon wombman, I headed to my favorite spot in the crib…you got it, the kitchen! Lol Listed below is one of the ways that I use ACV for keeping the lil critters at bay, hopefully they work for you too. Xoxo -Zioness. *1 Mason Jar w/rim lid. *1 Banana (or whatever fruit you may have on hand, sugar also works) *Aluminum Foil or Plastic Covering. *Label and/or ribbon (I was being extra, so it’s def optional lol) Fill the Mason Jar up to your liking. (My jar isn’t filled with much purposely so the fruit flies would have to actually get in the jar to…well..drown in the mixture. Hey don’t judge me, organic fruit costs too much! Lol) Next, place in the fruit or sugar of your choice. (The sweetness…gets em’ everytime) Apply aluminum or plastic covering to fit the opening of jar. After the covering is fitted correctly, use a fork, toothpick or utensils that will puncture very little holes into the covering. You don’t want the holes too big, small enough for the flies to enter. Finally, place rim of Mason Jar on top of the covering and that’s it!  You’ve now made a handy dandy “fly trap”, gon’ head witcha’ homemakin’ self lol Though the smell really doesn’t fade,  the sight of the flies can get a lil creepy, so feel free to replace the mixture as often as you like or use another container. ACV along with  baking soda , mint and lemongrass scented oils work well for keeping bugs away. Wiping counters, window seals or any place you’ve seen bugs should do the trick. Many of us as consumers, feel that we have to run to the store to purchase products but it doesn’t always have to be as such….some of our remedies are right in our very homes. Before you rush to buy, check inside. (I just made that up lol ) image


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