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Keep That Cough Over There Tho…

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Greetings lovies! Where my sacred healers at with it!? Hopefully wearing gas masks with the foolish ass germs that have made a comeback this season…. Y’all hear about the guy that was diagnosed with the Bubonic Plague!? I bet the whole lab ran up out of there that day, it got mad real! lol …Any who, enough with my shenanigans…  tis’ is the season for colds and flu to make a grand entrance, (yes, even if taking precautions , they can still catch you slippin’). So…. why not lace you with some legit cold and flu remedies that can help to heal and/or soothe your pains.


**Look, first and foremost, home-girl (me) is not a professional licensed healer, just a young empress that has done extensive research and safely incorporated the ways of our ancestors into present day living. Though I have never had any negative experiences by practicing self-care, to be on the safe side, feel free to do your own research and consult a professional. In other words, don’t come for me baybayy, you have to do what’s best for you and yours and I feels that. Love & Light -Zioness.  **

And here we goooo (Slick Rick Voice).

Okay, the first ingredients to this wonderful concoction include goods that just may be already in the crib —-> Lemon, Ginger Root and Honey (Preferably raw honey and organic fruits) .




Lemon: Which provides you with a magnificent source of immune boosting powerhouse Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals (cancer causing molecule or atoms that promote inflammation and swelling leading cause of sickness).

Ginger Root: *Warning, this can be a little spicy when taken by itself but no worries, the last ingredient brings that sweetness back into effect. Ginger Root, which helps sweat out toxins in the being and can help relieve nausea and vomiting.

Raw Honey: (Awesome humectant btw!) Honey is known to tame sore throats, can be a cough suppressant, fight off viral infections and decrease the risk of fevers. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, the Honey takes away the tartness and spiciness of the Lemon and Ginger Root aswell.

Tools You Need From The Kitchen:

Time about 20 mins.

  • Sharp Kitchen Knife
  • Cutting Board (optional)
  • Mason Jar w/lid (8,16, or 32, depending on family size)
  • Grater (optional)

*Ingredients can be modified to fit your families needs, I normally use one lemon, thumb size ginger root and enough honey to fill a 8oz size Mason Jar and this will last about a week but we only ingest it when sick. Depending on health and diet, you begin to see results in about two days. Recipe lasts about a month or two.

Step One: Safety first ! (in our day in age, you just never know where peoples hands have been when handling your produce) You want to make sure that all your fruits are thoroughly washed. I use the Apple Cider Vinegar method where you fill your kitchen sink up with water, apply 2-3 caps full of vinegar, insert fruit or veggies in the water and allow them to soak for 10-15 mins, wash off and then proceed as normal.

Step Two: Since this will be the longest step of our process, I grate the Ginger Root first, then slice the root about the size of a quarter and set to the side. (Can be placed in water while prepping to prevent oxidation though I don’t think the process is will be that long.)

Step Three: Finely slice the lemon about 1/2 inch, no need to grate, set aside.

Step Four: Wash out your handy dandy Mason Jar and begin to layer the lemon and ginger root until you can’t stack em’ no’ mo’. No really, leave enough room to allow the honey seep in and still have enough room for the top to securely tighten people.

Step Five: Finally, enough with the manual labor right? Nahhh..Now you take that raw or organic honey and make it do what it do lol (Okay, ill stop.) Pour enough honey to cover your cut up goodies, apply lid and place in the fridge and let the magick be had in yo’ fridge boo.

The next day, give praises to the highest, dab and then try your goodness!

When my love and I normally come down with the “yucks” as my prynce calls it, we normally take two tablespoons per day. But I Am also seeing that people are using this remedy in a tea form? (Hot drinking water and about 2-3 table spoons and sipping in the A.M.) If you think this version works better, please let me know! I’m also seeing herbal Tea brands such as Yogi that are incorporating Teas that promote the same effect such as their Lemon and Ginger Tea, so this is another option and you don’t have the time to get it crackin’ or slicin’ in the kitchen.

Lovies, listen to your body, when you are having an ailment, you are in some sort or form, out of balance. Be sure to take care of yo’self love. Connection to the source, proper nutrition, diet , sleep , exercise and even love makin’ amongst other things can benefit the divine in you greatly. Give Thanks for taking the moments to peep game 🙂 As always, I Am Divine…Just As You. xoxo -Zioness. ❤


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