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It’s Lint!

ME: ” Please don’t let him see the Turtles, please don’t let him see the Turtle’s, please don’t le…”.

Nosy ass 4yr Old: *yelling for all of Burlington Coat Factory to hear..”MOM, IT’S NINJA TURTLES !!!!” 
I owed the youth some new gear so Mikey and his karate chopping ass friends won this match. 😏

The material on this fleece jogging suit (worn twice BTW) tried to bring mama bad vibes but I quickly nipped that in the bud, cause who has coins to be wasting like that???

You can achieve lint free clothing simply by taking a shaving razor and GENTLY start to “shave” off the lint in a downward motion to remove the little nuances. Quite quick, simple and cost effective if you don’t have a lint brush/remover on hand.

I would recommend removing the lint on a hard surface (kitchen table/counter) to avoid this mishap on any other material that may pick up lint easily. 
Until next time my ninja’s,


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