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I’ve yearned for you.✨

Decades of visions.

Silhouettes of ya melaninated frame.

Glimpses of us hand & hand.

Yet i-n-i never see ya face.

Envision you ruddy.

Balanced conversation & demeanor.

Politikin’ about trap music or Mercury & Venus.

So many questions that come into remembrance.

You remember us walking on an exotic beach; my fine ass in that Rasta bikini?

Or what about when we ruled together? 

Runnin’ ish on the throne.

Eye know I’m taking you way back boo..a few centuries ago.

I forgive you love.

Forgive you for taking lifetimes to find me.

Or maybe it was a karmic debt, nevertheless it’s divine timing we meet.

Your soul is so familiar.

Blissed visions of our youth, curly headed baby boy…or clue.

Do you know how many nights I’ve cried myself to despair missing your touch?

You physically entering my yoni while I spirituality heal your phallus.

Mutual Inner-G is vibin’, we embracing the frequency.

Even if it’s in my dreams, it’s you eye see…. 

I’ve yearned for you.✨

Empress Zioness💛

Copyright 2017

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