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The complexity of loving you has helped me to mature into a Wombman. Before incarnating, eye asked for you, eye found you yet had no recollection of the hell we would have to endure to become prolific. Eye’ve know sincere joy, psychotic rage, fulfilling sensuality, reflected hatred and true contentedness with you love. The beauty of it is, eye’m still in love with you, unconditionally. ” – Zioness

Life is dope, the smallest of seeds eye give to another are reflecting my journey of self-love. Since eye’ve let go and embraced my feminine nature (balanced)… being open without fear of judgment has made manifesting so much easier. Eye have taken the rockiest road but you don’t have to travel it as long as eye did. Sort thru your baggage, rid yourself of temporal experiences then embrace your “lightness” love. So yes, it is true, in order to be a healer…you do have to heal(her).👑💛😘

Just one of those days…

Today was a day of letting go of unhealthy thought processes, setting boundaries and truly accepting losses as gains. My intuition doesn’t lie but eye lie to myself when eye ignore it which creates a lack of trust within self, furthermore a depreciation of self…over time. The feeling of forcing myself to be open was becoming toooo unnatural, even questionable…so eye’ve detached only to learn that eye’m embracing me. Loving this journey of self-love.” -Zioness

Healer, Heal Thyself.🙏✨

Are you guilty of staying in abusive relationships? (Mental, physical, emotional and the like) Have you lost yourself and everything you owned? Considered a judmential asshole for offering help? No worries, just do me a solid: save this meme, read this meme everyday for 21 days (they say it takes that many days to break a habit, idk.) Drink more water and BAM! You’re healed!  BULLSHIT, UTTER BULLSHIT.😔

What many don’t disclose is that it’s a thin line between genuine concern and nurturing someone to the point of no return (almost). They also omit the fact that some people don’t seek help, just attention. Thanks a lot trial and error.

 So for a few years now, I have been on and off of social media frankly because I was experiencing depression, pouring from a empty cup, didn’t know exactly what my life’s purpose was and just a lack of joy in general. 👈(Major No-No) Well as I reactivated Facebook, I noticed similar occurrences with “Frans”(you know, people who’ve been on your list for years but you may like or love a post occasionally) whom were also experiencing this not so random “shift” in energy. I’m gonna get a lil celestial here: when I say “shift” I Am referring to planetary alignments (retrograde periods etc.)Divine order/timing that caused for detachment from people, places or thought patterns that no longer serve our greatest good, including relationship with Self

Baybayyy, couples have either been divorcing or renewing vows, making new friends or disconnecting from old ones, shedding old thinking patterns to evole anew, sheesh! Ain’t no way experiences like these can be made up. It’s as if layers upon layers of deception are being peeled back to reveal new perceptions to ones highest truth.

Well I’m hear to tell you that your healing starts with you. Yes, we are all connected to Source energy but we also are equipped with the tools to help us manuever (I wanted to use Macgyver so bad here 😁) this experience. Learning to use intuition, learning to say “NO,DAMMIT!” (you don’t have to yell) and living in your life’s Divine purpose are just a few of the steps I have taken help heal myself.

 Since I’ve incorporated these lovelies into my experience, joy has returned! I said that was a no-no because when you lack joy, you lack gratitude and when you lack gratitude, you miss out on the blissings that surround you. Never ever allow another to drain you (including your own negative a thoughts/actions) to where you hate life and all the beauty it entails. You were incarnated here to pursue what you are most passionate about. Embrace it as you embrace the healer in you and those that desire heal will hopefully be inspired by you.

Love You Love💚💚💚


That “0” Just Enhanced Me.

Hey Lovies!

Okay, so after lastnights Pink Full Moon ritual & prayer to Divine Source, my sleep was…normal. ( Even tho the 5 year old wanted to co-sleep lol). Not sure what I was expecting but I opened my eyes around 6-ish, checked my phone, a habit that will soon be broken! Technology is like like a “catch 22” dammit !!! I use to use this time for rising meditation but the lack of discipline and all its fckn glory has gotten the best of me for a few months… But um, adios tired ass excuses!👋 

So yeah, “checked” my phone for two hours, dozed off and awoke to one of the most glorious sunrises I’ve seen in awhile. You know the ones where you smile before you even open your eyes, roll over and still feel the good vibez beaming on you, like this lifegiver set perfectly in place just so you can witness? (Narcissim is dangerous, okay?) Yo, my blinds were angled just right this A.M.😍🌞 

For my sacred practice last night, I set out intentions for healing my Being. I wrote out a list of things that needed to be released in order for me to continue to evolve. With one of the top issues I’ve dealt with being CONTROL. Right now I won’t go into much detail but when one has control issues, it normally stems from fear of the unknown or experienced circumstances that caused this mechanism to become reality. 

I lit two plain white candles: White

“The color of purity and new beginnings.  Use a white candle for rituals involving healing, new beginnings, and spiritual growth.  Also appropriate for Lunar and Goddess workings.  Church candles are usually white, thus white candles are associated with prayer, remembrance, and devotion.”

And rested.

The vibez have been awesome ever since. Earlier today I had taken a random was nap ( self-care boo boo!) While napping, I had a vision as usual and I was looking for room “608”. Now I’m not big on numerology but I do know that it is a ancient math linked with Divine Source and believe messages are codes to help us move along in this life. So as always, I sat and thought about the vision, then went to Google.

Funny how the Universe works, I’m in the process of becoming a entrepreneur and was still a lil bit nervous about getting all my business endeavours accomplished but… “That “0” definitely enhanced me!” So according to Angel Numbers, zeros enhance the number(s) it is surrounded by. Known to be the beginning of a spiritual journey, infinite, potential, choice and wholeness (amongst other attributes).  Since it was joined by 6 ( selflessness, family, grace , gratitude, responsibility etc.) then 8 ( abundance , prosperity, serving humanity, Karma, self confidence, discernment etc.) I have nothing to fear!

Discipline, the lack of it alongside fear, will cause you to procrastinate, become depressed then here comes the self sabotaging. DO NOT SUCCUMB TO IT! I am a witness to these struggles. I officially started my brand in 2014, did okay but I desire to be GREATNESS!  You cannot become better than average with these as the homies. ✌ As this journey of newness begins, gratitude is in abundance right now. (y’all don’t even know how hype I Am!) 😁😁😁 

More on the process of letting go next time!! 
Love You Love 💚 ,


Wisdom Evolved.💛🔥

Hot & bothered but intimate pleasure with the love of your life may be the LAST thing on your mental. Sweating, irritability & moodiness oh my 😔. No worries though, with over 3 million cases reported each year, you my love, are not alone. Below I have incorporated self-care tips that can help you ease through “The Change” in your life.

“Although her menopausal journey does signify an ending, it also bestows the expansive freedom of new beginnings. If she believes modern society’s misinterpretation that menopause is the end of her life as a real woman, she will suffer.” ~Roslynn Breillat

📖📝😧😩😱Over analyzing EVERY.SINGLE.THING. is a hindrance for many of us wombmen today, instead of being patience & letting the answers be given unto us divinely, we fret.  Now it is completely natural to have a thought of curiosity but it’s staying in those thoughts is what causes us toxicity to the point of stress…soon comes physical dis~ease. Cultivating great emotional health is imperative on this new journey of wombmanhood & keeping your sanity is a definite must. Reaching out to other(s) via online groups/forums, local classes, or taking the time out to jot down daily thoughts may bring a sense of relief. Remember whatever activity (healthy please) that promotes stress & help you defeat anxiety, go for it! You are transitioning, be easy on yourself. 

👵💪👌🏃Y’all, this beautifully fit wombman in the photograph is in her 60’s!!!! 🙌👏 #goals Prime example of you being able to manifest what you set your mind to. When you are menopausal, your body is also releasing toxins. Canned foods, the microwave & environmental toxins (among others) are causing wombmen to experience “the change” earlier than expected.  If you’re not sweating when you are exercising, why not!? Lol Exercising is one of the top ways to help you release excess toxins, so why not help yourself make this new journey a bit more easier? At least 30 minutes a day of walking, running or mild strength training 3-4 times a week to start off should be fine. Alternative exercisises such as Yoga & Tai Chi will be beneficial also. (Please consult your physician prior.) 

🍎🍐🍈🍉🍒Nourish- healthy self…heal thyself. Whole foods in essence, makes one whole. While processed in itself does a process on our bodies in the long-run. With all the preservatives, additives, mystery chemicals & dyes, ain’t nobody safe😷!!! 👈(I’m exaggerating a bit lol) Whole fresh foods incorporated within balanced meals including nutrients such as Vitamin E, B Complex,Vitamin A & C are great for combating symptoms. Foods & seeds like Sweet Potatoes, Avocado, Flaxseeds & Sunflowerseeds are great. You could never go wrong with healthy fats & proteins too!

🌻🍃🌾🌿Herbs are known as the ancient healing of nation. After taking classes and years of research, I’ve put together a list of herbs that should also generate relief. (Be sure to consult with your physician before you self diagnose or self heal.)  Most of these can be found at your local alternative medicine shop, grown or at a sites such as Mountain Rose Herbs. Choosing from organic or from respected sellers will provide the best benefits. Encapsulated form or made as a tea, I personally feel teas promote more of a relaxing experience. Here we go…


❇Black Cohosh Root

❇Dandelion Root/Leaf

❇Dong Quai Root

❇Ginseng Root


❇Red Clover

❇St.Johns Wart

❇Hawthorn Berry

❇Licorice Root

❇Mother wort Herb


❇Oat Seed

❇Unpredictable moodiness

❇Hot Flashes

❇Natural decline in reproductive hormones

 ❇Loss of hair


❇Irregular or loss of Menses 

 ❇Dryness of skin  & Yoni 

Some signs  you’re experiencing symptoms of menopause. 

While the herbs listed can help with the symptoms listed, natural oils such as coconut (antibacterial/antiviral) should help with vaginal dryness during lovemaking as well as staying hydrated. As I stated in the beginning it’s imperative that you change your perspective( if negatively perceived) love on yourself & take time for yourself. Though I’ve yet to experience this beautiful journey, I have wombmen in my family that have & these are definite go to’s. Take care, injoy your self-care evolution & Divinely given wisdom.

“Menopause is enlightenment, letting go.” -unknown source

Empress Zioness 💛

Copyright 2017

Keep That Cough Over There Tho…

janet & pac


Greetings lovies! Where my sacred healers at with it!? Hopefully wearing gas masks with the foolish ass germs that have made a comeback this season…. Y’all hear about the guy that was diagnosed with the Bubonic Plague!? I bet the whole lab ran up out of there that day, it got mad real! lol …Any who, enough with my shenanigans…  tis’ is the season for colds and flu to make a grand entrance, (yes, even if taking precautions , they can still catch you slippin’). So…. why not lace you with some legit cold and flu remedies that can help to heal and/or soothe your pains.


**Look, first and foremost, home-girl (me) is not a professional licensed healer, just a young empress that has done extensive research and safely incorporated the ways of our ancestors into present day living. Though I have never had any negative experiences by practicing self-care, to be on the safe side, feel free to do your own research and consult a professional. In other words, don’t come for me baybayy, you have to do what’s best for you and yours and I feels that. Love & Light -Zioness.  **

And here we goooo (Slick Rick Voice).

Okay, the first ingredients to this wonderful concoction include goods that just may be already in the crib —-> Lemon, Ginger Root and Honey (Preferably raw honey and organic fruits) .




Lemon: Which provides you with a magnificent source of immune boosting powerhouse Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to neutralize free radicals (cancer causing molecule or atoms that promote inflammation and swelling leading cause of sickness).

Ginger Root: *Warning, this can be a little spicy when taken by itself but no worries, the last ingredient brings that sweetness back into effect. Ginger Root, which helps sweat out toxins in the being and can help relieve nausea and vomiting.

Raw Honey: (Awesome humectant btw!) Honey is known to tame sore throats, can be a cough suppressant, fight off viral infections and decrease the risk of fevers. As I mentioned in the above paragraph, the Honey takes away the tartness and spiciness of the Lemon and Ginger Root aswell.

Tools You Need From The Kitchen:

Time about 20 mins.

  • Sharp Kitchen Knife
  • Cutting Board (optional)
  • Mason Jar w/lid (8,16, or 32, depending on family size)
  • Grater (optional)

*Ingredients can be modified to fit your families needs, I normally use one lemon, thumb size ginger root and enough honey to fill a 8oz size Mason Jar and this will last about a week but we only ingest it when sick. Depending on health and diet, you begin to see results in about two days. Recipe lasts about a month or two.

Step One: Safety first ! (in our day in age, you just never know where peoples hands have been when handling your produce) You want to make sure that all your fruits are thoroughly washed. I use the Apple Cider Vinegar method where you fill your kitchen sink up with water, apply 2-3 caps full of vinegar, insert fruit or veggies in the water and allow them to soak for 10-15 mins, wash off and then proceed as normal.

Step Two: Since this will be the longest step of our process, I grate the Ginger Root first, then slice the root about the size of a quarter and set to the side. (Can be placed in water while prepping to prevent oxidation though I don’t think the process is will be that long.)

Step Three: Finely slice the lemon about 1/2 inch, no need to grate, set aside.

Step Four: Wash out your handy dandy Mason Jar and begin to layer the lemon and ginger root until you can’t stack em’ no’ mo’. No really, leave enough room to allow the honey seep in and still have enough room for the top to securely tighten people.

Step Five: Finally, enough with the manual labor right? Nahhh..Now you take that raw or organic honey and make it do what it do lol (Okay, ill stop.) Pour enough honey to cover your cut up goodies, apply lid and place in the fridge and let the magick be had in yo’ fridge boo.

The next day, give praises to the highest, dab and then try your goodness!

When my love and I normally come down with the “yucks” as my prynce calls it, we normally take two tablespoons per day. But I Am also seeing that people are using this remedy in a tea form? (Hot drinking water and about 2-3 table spoons and sipping in the A.M.) If you think this version works better, please let me know! I’m also seeing herbal Tea brands such as Yogi that are incorporating Teas that promote the same effect such as their Lemon and Ginger Tea, so this is another option and you don’t have the time to get it crackin’ or slicin’ in the kitchen.

Lovies, listen to your body, when you are having an ailment, you are in some sort or form, out of balance. Be sure to take care of yo’self love. Connection to the source, proper nutrition, diet , sleep , exercise and even love makin’ amongst other things can benefit the divine in you greatly. Give Thanks for taking the moments to peep game 🙂 As always, I Am Divine…Just As You. xoxo -Zioness. ❤


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