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Detoxing Sacred Spaces.

***Alright, before we jump in, I’m just gonna warn you, some of the pics I post (s/o to Google) will be stomach turning. Please don’t come for me, I warned you. lol***

Hey, Y’all! Here lately I’ve been on this whole detox/cleanse kick…so far so good. I’ve incorporated more whole foods into my diet, increased my spring water intake, make about 90% of my personal products and cut back on added sugars/ processed foods. You know that lil voice in your head (conscious) that you keep trying to ignore? Well, mines would not hush! I was beyond due for a transformation.
Overall I feel a better, I won’t say 100% because anyone who is purging will let you know that breaking addictions don’t always feel A1. You just embrace the process, take it day by day and envision the health benefits.
So a few years ago I came across videos on YouTube regarding a Yoni Detox. (Yoni = ancient/ Sanskrit word for Vagina) Basically, herb-infused sachets (detox pearls) are placed in our sacred spaces for up to 72 hours to cleanse us of any imbalances we may have. Endometriosis, infertility, yeast infection, BV, and fibroids to name a few. I was a bit skeptical at first like… “Why do I need foreign objects in my cooch?”, “Doesn’t my lady part cleanse herself?”, “People stay trying to get you to spend all your coins!” lol

I never went through with it because I wasn’t about that life then. Fast forward 3 years later and here I Am fresh off of a 3-day stint. You can order offline from a reputable source or make your own. Decided on the second method solely because I had everything in my kitchen.

The first 24 hours, once inserted, I felt very subtle cramping and that was about it. The next couple of days were about the same, except I felt a bit of moisture and irritation spiritually which really gave me the urge to stay home and rest. This was quite interesting because I just had a conversation with a massage therapist that told me we (women) tend to hold our baggage or suppressed emotions here. Anywho, I listened to my body and took it easy.

After the recommended time, I removed the “pearls” and didn’t notice any dead skin like most had spoken of but it was a lot of discharge. I showered, used a panty liner and went about my day. Yo, I had to cleanse and change my panty liner several times that day! The discharge didn’t smell, wasn’t yellow nor itchy. I’m detoxing so it could have been yeast. (I did make a doc appt. just to be sure.)
A few days after removal, if there was any excess in the vag, it would be expelled during a restroom visitor be pad.


Here is a pic of what you may expect:

They say throughout the week after you’ve removed the pearls, you may have discharge that resembles this. No need to spazz tho, apparently it’s totally normal and is just build up of excess that has created blockages. You can always take the sample to a physician for testing if you wish, just know that the majority of doctors aren’t trained on holistic healing methods so please do your own research, too.
It’s only been a few days for me so I will continue to monitor my discharge. Overall, I feel okay. Would I recommend the sacred space detox? Yes! Purchase from a LEGIT source, follow the directions thoroughly, be outcome and consider your diet. I mentioned diet because the food we consume (excess sugar, soda, meat, processed foods) can create an overly toxic environment causing smells disorders down below. What’s the point of doing a detox just to continue to create this environment? Our intent should be to heal, not just treat. 💚

I will keep you all posted if I notice any more changes. Xoxo🙏💚


°Descend°ed Masters


Held at the highest

Admired for our gifts


Plagued with blindness

Overcome by greed, vanity and insecurities

Crowns confiscated

Reprimanded indeed

Patiently waiting for weights

To justify balance

Releasing bondage

Respected because we’re hue-man

Moor than just talent.

Copyright 2017

I Am Divine…Just As You.

Well, that was awkward. 😒

Hey Boo!
 I’m writing you today to let you know that I’m not mean or anti social, I’m socially selective & awkward.😐 If my facial expression looks as if I want to hurt you, fret not! I’m probably just hungry.🍉🍇🍓🍲 😔
 If we’ve had an uber peculiar encounter, it could have been me…or you.👀😬 

However, whomever was at fault, I will be the mature one💁 and apologize for making you nervous by asking too many questions (trying to see if our vibez are aligning ✨) or if I start to fiddle with my celly  (this may be me picking up on our vibez not aligning and I’m trying to figure out how to abort mission or I’m shocked we have so much in common that you’re actually starting to make me nervous and I’m trying to keep calm because you’re about to see the real me and this inturn will either make you feel awkward or we become friends, depends on you 😌). 

Be patient with me, through various Youtube tutorials, self help books and experiences, I’m learning to be “normal” at the appropriate times.😁 If we had or have a weird encounter, my empathetic nature apolgizes, deeply. Again, I’m not mean or anti social, I’m socially selective and awkward.🙏

*Right now, I would probably hug you, give you some dap or say a kind gesture that I truly mean but prefer if we didn’t cross paths again…just depends on how the vibez went.😬
Okay Love You, bye.💚✨

 Security Blanket.

I slept with you

No matter how mature I thought I was

I couldn’t resist the comfort of you

Praying one day that you would notice my loyalty but fortunately, I grew

My toes started to be exposed, rolling over for you only to cover me partially

Still, I reached for you

Maybe I’ll fluff my pillows or could it be these sheets? What’s wrong with my routine? Why Am I not getting any sleep?

Lavender linen spray, detox baths, and chamomile tea before bedtime

No T.V., nightly meditations and even stretching, oh my

I’m doing what I’m told, why arent the remedies helping?

No matter what I incorporated, the fetal position was the only way I was supported

So I tossed & I turned, kicked you off only to learn

We’ve outgrown each other

Me? Get rid of my favorite blanket? Lol yeah right!?

But ever since I’ve let you go, my sleep is peaceful at night.

Healer, Heal Thyself.🙏✨

Are you guilty of staying in abusive relationships? (Mental, physical, emotional and the like) Have you lost yourself and everything you owned? Considered a judgmental asshole for offering help? No worries, just do me a solid: save this meme, read this meme every day for 21 days (they say it takes that many days to break a habit) Drink more water and BAM!, You’re healed! BULLSHIT, UTTER BULLSHIT.😔

What many don’t disclose is that it’s a thin line between genuine concern and nurturing someone to the point of no return (almost). They also omit the fact that some people don’t seek help, just attention. Thanks a lot, trial and error.
So for a few years now, I have been on and off of social media because I was experiencing depression, pouring from an empty cup, didn’t know exactly what my life’s purpose was and just a lack of joy in general. 👈(Major No-No) Well as I re-activated Facebook, I noticed similar occurrences with “Frans”(you know, people who’ve been on your list for years that may like or love a post occasionally) who were also experiencing this not so random “shift” in energy. I’m gonna get a lil celestial here: when I say “shift” I Am referring to planetary alignments (retrograde periods etc.) Divine order/timing that caused for detachment from people, places or thought patterns that no longer serve our greatest good, including a relationship with Self.

Baybayyy, couples have either been divorcing or renewing vows, making new friends or disconnecting from old ones, shedding old thinking patterns to evolve anew, sheesh! Ain’t no way experiences like these can be made up. It’s as if layers upon layers of deception are being peeled back to reveal new perceptions to one’s highest truth.

Well, I’m here to tell you that your healing starts with you. Yes, we are all connected to Source energy but we also are equipped with the tools to help us maneuver (I wanted to use Macgyver so bad here 😁) this experience. Learning to use intuition, learning to say “NO, DAMMIT!” (you don’t have to yell) and living in your life’s Divine purpose are just a few of the steps I have taken help heal myself.
Since I’ve incorporated these lovelies into my experience, joy has returned! When you lack joy, you lack gratitude and when you lack gratitude, you miss out on the blessings that surround you. Never ever allow another to drain you (including your own negative a thoughts/actions) to the point where you hate life and all the beauty it entails. You were incarnated here to pursue what you are most passionate about. Embrace it as you embrace the healer in you and those that desire heal will hopefully be inspired by you.

Love You Love💚💚💚


Wisdom Evolved.💛🔥

Hot & bothered but intimate pleasure with the love of your life may be the LAST thing on your mental. Sweating, irritability & moodiness oh my 😔. No worries though, with over 3 million cases reported each year, you my love, are not alone. Below I have incorporated self-care tips that can help you ease through “The Change” in your life.

“Although her menopausal journey does signify an ending, it also bestows the expansive freedom of new beginnings. If she believes modern society’s misinterpretation that menopause is the end of her life as a real woman, she will suffer.” ~Roslynn Breillat

📖📝😧😩😱Over analyzing EVERY.SINGLE.THING. is a hindrance for many of us wombmen today, instead of being patience & letting the answers be given unto us divinely, we fret.  Now it is completely natural to have a thought of curiosity but it’s staying in those thoughts is what causes us toxicity to the point of stress…soon comes physical dis~ease. Cultivating great emotional health is imperative on this new journey of wombmanhood & keeping your sanity is a definite must. Reaching out to other(s) via online groups/forums, local classes, or taking the time out to jot down daily thoughts may bring a sense of relief. Remember whatever activity (healthy please) that promotes stress & help you defeat anxiety, go for it! You are transitioning, be easy on yourself. 

👵💪👌🏃Y’all, this beautifully fit wombman in the photograph is in her 60’s!!!! 🙌👏 #goals Prime example of you being able to manifest what you set your mind to. When you are menopausal, your body is also releasing toxins. Canned foods, the microwave & environmental toxins (among others) are causing wombmen to experience “the change” earlier than expected.  If you’re not sweating when you are exercising, why not!? Lol Exercising is one of the top ways to help you release excess toxins, so why not help yourself make this new journey a bit more easier? At least 30 minutes a day of walking, running or mild strength training 3-4 times a week to start off should be fine. Alternative exercisises such as Yoga & Tai Chi will be beneficial also. (Please consult your physician prior.) 

🍎🍐🍈🍉🍒Nourish- healthy self…heal thyself. Whole foods in essence, makes one whole. While processed in itself does a process on our bodies in the long-run. With all the preservatives, additives, mystery chemicals & dyes, ain’t nobody safe😷!!! 👈(I’m exaggerating a bit lol) Whole fresh foods incorporated within balanced meals including nutrients such as Vitamin E, B Complex,Vitamin A & C are great for combating symptoms. Foods & seeds like Sweet Potatoes, Avocado, Flaxseeds & Sunflowerseeds are great. You could never go wrong with healthy fats & proteins too!

🌻🍃🌾🌿Herbs are known as the ancient healing of nation. After taking classes and years of research, I’ve put together a list of herbs that should also generate relief. (Be sure to consult with your physician before you self diagnose or self heal.)  Most of these can be found at your local alternative medicine shop, grown or at a sites such as Mountain Rose Herbs. Choosing from organic or from respected sellers will provide the best benefits. Encapsulated form or made as a tea, I personally feel teas promote more of a relaxing experience. Here we go…


❇Black Cohosh Root

❇Dandelion Root/Leaf

❇Dong Quai Root

❇Ginseng Root


❇Red Clover

❇St.Johns Wart

❇Hawthorn Berry

❇Licorice Root

❇Mother wort Herb


❇Oat Seed

❇Unpredictable moodiness

❇Hot Flashes

❇Natural decline in reproductive hormones

 ❇Loss of hair


❇Irregular or loss of Menses 

 ❇Dryness of skin  & Yoni 

Some signs  you’re experiencing symptoms of menopause. 

While the herbs listed can help with the symptoms listed, natural oils such as coconut (antibacterial/antiviral) should help with vaginal dryness during lovemaking as well as staying hydrated. As I stated in the beginning it’s imperative that you change your perspective( if negatively perceived) love on yourself & take time for yourself. Though I’ve yet to experience this beautiful journey, I have wombmen in my family that have & these are definite go to’s. Take care, injoy your self-care evolution & Divinely given wisdom.

“Menopause is enlightenment, letting go.” -unknown source

Empress Zioness 💛

Copyright 2017

See This Vision.

Dreams, goals , visions, inspiration, manifestations, you name it! ✨ Creating a vision board is a magical way to bring to life what it is that you truly desire.🔮 Nostalgia kicked in & I truly embraced my inner child during the process.👼 It’s mind blowing how simple works can be dopely therapeutic.🌷 #healthyself #visionboard #manifestations #selflove #boss

It’s Lint!

ME: ” Please don’t let him see the Turtles, please don’t let him see the Turtle’s, please don’t le…”.

Nosy ass 4yr Old: *yelling for all of Burlington Coat Factory to hear..”MOM, IT’S NINJA TURTLES !!!!” 
I owed the youth some new gear so Mikey and his karate chopping ass friends won this match. 😏

The material on this fleece jogging suit (worn twice BTW) tried to bring mama bad vibes but I quickly nipped that in the bud, cause who has coins to be wasting like that???

You can achieve lint free clothing simply by taking a shaving razor and GENTLY start to “shave” off the lint in a downward motion to remove the little nuances. Quite quick, simple and cost effective if you don’t have a lint brush/remover on hand.

I would recommend removing the lint on a hard surface (kitchen table/counter) to avoid this mishap on any other material that may pick up lint easily. 
Until next time my ninja’s,


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