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Detoxing Sacred Spaces.

***Alright, before we jump in, I’m just gonna warn you, some of the pics I post (s/o to Google) will be stomach turning. Please don’t come for me, I warned you. lol***

So hey y’all! Here lately I’ve been on this whole detox/cleanse kick….so far so good. I’ve incorporated more whole foods into my diet, increased my spring water intake, make about 90% of my personal products and cut back on added sugars/ processed foods.  You know that lil voice in your head (conscious) that you keep trying to ignore? Well mines would not hush! I was beyond due for a transformation.

Overall I feel a lil better, I won’t say 100% because anyone who is purging will let you know that breaking addictions doesn’t always feel A1. You just embrace the process, take it day by day and envision the health benefits.

So a few years ago I came across videos on YouTube regarding a Yoni Detox. (Yoni = ancient/ Sanskrit word for Vagina) Basically herb infused sachets (detox pearls) are placed in our sacred spaces for up to 72 hours to cleanse us of any imbalances we may have. Endometriosis, infertility, yeast infection, bv, and fibroids to name a few. I was a bit skeptical at first like… “Why do I need forgein objects in my cooch?”, “Doesn’t my lady part cleanse herself?” “People stay trying to get you spend all your coins!” lol

So I never went through with it because I wasn’t about that life then. Fast forward 3 years later and here I Am fresh off of a 3 day stint.  You can order offline from a reputable source or make your own. Chose the second method solely because I had everything in my kitchen. 

The first 24 hours, once inserted, I felt very subtle cramping and that was about it. The next couple of days were about the same, except I felt a bit of moisture and irritation spiritually which really gave me the urge to stay home and rest. This was quite interesting because I just had a conversation with a massage therapist that told me we (wombmen) tend to hold our baggage or suppressed emotions here. Anywho, I listened to my body and took it easy.

After the recommended time, I removed the “pearls” and didn’t notice any dead skin like most of the other wombmen had spoken of but it was a lot of discharge around it. So I just showered, used a panty liner and went about my day. Yo, I had to cleanse and change my panty liner several times! The discharge didn’t smell, wasn’t yellow nor itched but I’m thinking since I’m detoxing that it could have possibly been yeast. (I did make a doc appt. just to be sure)

A few days after removal, if there was any dead skin in the vag, it will detach and fall out during a restroom visit or be expelled on a pad. *GRAPHIC* Here is a pic of what you may expect:

They say throughout the week after you’ve removed the pearls, you may have discharge that resembles this. No need to spazz tho, apparently it’s totally normal and is just build up of excess that has created blockages. You can always take the sample to a physician for testing if you wish, just know that the majority of doctors aren’t trained on holistic healing methods so please do your own research.

It’s only been a few days for me so I will continue to monitor my discharge. Overall, I feel okay. Nothing to shout for joy about but this may be due to the diet detox also. Would I recommend the sacred space detox? Yes! Purchase from a LEGIT source, follow the directions thoroughly, be prepared for the outcome and change your diet. I mention diet because the food we consume (excess sugar, soda, meat, processed foods) can create an overly toxic environment causing smells/ disorders down below. What’s the point of doing a detox just to continue to create this environment? Our intent should be to heal, not just treat. 💚

I will keep you all posted if I notice anymore changes. Xoxo🙏💚



I Am complex.

I Will challenge your psyche in order to stimulate growth.

I Stir but only when you’re ready to master me.

I Give you silence just so you can perceive me.

I Admire your patience.

I Satisfy your desire to gain knowledge & wisdom.

I Am primary yet overstand the need for secondary; purple resides within.

I Align so we can attain completion.

Rubix Love.💚