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°Descend°ed Masters


Held at the highest

Admired for our gifts


Plagued with blindness

Overcome by greed, vanity and insecurities

Crowns confiscated

Reprimanded indeed

Patiently waiting for weights

To justify balance

Releasing bondage

Respected because we’re hue-man

Moor than just talent.

Copyright 2017

I Am Divine…Just As You.


Just one of those days…

Today was a day of letting go of unhealthy thought processes, setting boundaries and truly accepting losses as gains. My intuition doesn’t lie but eye lie to myself when eye ignore it which creates a lack of trust within self, furthermore a depreciation of self…over time. The feeling of forcing myself to be open was becoming toooo unnatural, even questionable…so eye’ve detached only to learn that eye’m embracing me. Loving this journey of self-love.” -Zioness

The Divine Awakening.

She gives birth to a nation
In a matter of pushes
She bleeds without dying
Monthly renewal
She uplifts a tribe
Through song & dance
She speaks of wisdom as her mother
Discipline as her dad
She embraces change
Challenges the unknown
She is mature than most
Still possessing a childlike glow
She heals heartache with unconditional love & compassion
She carries the weight for others her hands are never slacking
She laughs and the world stops to listen
She smiles as bright as the sunshine
Granting peace to many
She weeps for her loved ones
Does good deeds for the less fortunate
She is a lover.. wife..mother..sister..friend.
She is wombman
She lives within
The divine feminine. ❤

© [Zioness] [2014] All Rights Reserved.

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